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The Hippo

Rumpled skin

and goofy face.

Plodding creature,

lacking grace.

Throwback to

a dinosaur,

you clearly know

what mud is for.

But what you lack

in grace and style

with your funny looks

you still beguile.

No doubt to us

you looks a mess,

but your partner,

surely, you impress.

For if this fact

were not the case,

no baby hippos

would take place.

We must not judge

you by your face.

To do you down

is such disgrace.

For you are part

of God’s great plans.

And in your world

you’ve many fans!

The Okapi.

The head of you is kangaroo,

your body is pure horse.

The hind bits not surprisingly

are zebra stripes (of course!)

Your bright white socks on all four legs

look so very neat.

They underpin your stripey bits

and lead down to your feet.

You hang around in woods by day.

A solitary life you lead

and really only socialise

when it’s time to breed.

You diet is extraordinary,

an eclectic veggie meal.

Buds and grass and fungi

and ferns to you appeal.

The Okapi is an oddity.

One of nature’s bits of fun.

A glorious quirky mixture,

when all is said and done.

The Wrong Impression!

My dog has been

acting the goat,

just lately and indulging

in all kinds of horseplay.

Now I don’t wish to be

dogmatic about this,

but I have to tell him off

and when I do

he just looks at me,

rather sheepishly.

Still, I suppose it’s better

than just doing things

“parrot fashion”.

Its such a shame, though,

because when he puts

his mind to it,

he can do a

wonderful impression

of a dog!

The Cow.

The cow is a wondrous thing to behold

a leader in its field.

It happily grazes in pastures new

and gives an excellent yield.

A philosophical beast;

of that I am sure,

as it chews the cud

with its powerful jaws.

A blessing to all

is this beast, it seems

and the perfect answer

to a farmer’s dreams.

What else combines the

harvesting of grass

with the production of milk

to drink by the glass.

Not to mention cheese

and butter and cream.

A constant flow that

that’s always on stream.

So for all its grazing

and munching of hay.

It’s udderly amazing

I am bound to say.

Chiswick’s High Society. 

It’s Chiswick dogs that rule OK,

here at Homefields day by day.

Come and meet a lively crowd,

but be prepared they are very loud!

In between a barking match

they sometimes have a little scratch,

or leap about or dig or run,

but always, always, having fun.

They run and they chase,

all over the place,

and they’re terribly

goofy and sloppy.

They jump and they bark

and its all such lark,

but no-one gets stroppy with poppy!

Now here comes Leanne,

flying around.

A great grey greyhound

who makes no sound.

And now comes Basil,

just like a train.

No doubt he’s after

those biscuits again!

And Ollie too has got the drift,

as he gives the biscuit man a sniff.

And the biscuits source?

Why, it’s Simon of course!

And now comes Clare,

with Fung in tow,

with his tennis ball to throw,

back and forth,

Fung has no fears.

So up and down

go spaniel ears!

And here comes Wendy,

looking cool,

with racy Gracie

like a kid out of school!

And look its Frankie,

full of bounce,

his best friend, Oscar, to announce,

to all the waiting gang around

making lots of joyful sound.

Then there’s Tilly and Toby,

Murphy and Moll,

Bugsy and Dolly

and Lulu and all.

Now Watch Hector deflect

an amorous glance,

from shady ladies

who would love to advance.

But like all good Cavaliers

he knows he’s a king.

But he might let one of them

give him a ring!

Romance abounds

for they know not sin.

And Merlin’s just brought

his new girlfriend in!

But if it gets too much

and they never will stop,

then they had better watch out

cause they might get the chop!

So the time has come

to head off home.

To eat a big breakfast,

a biscuit or bone.

Then it’s sleep till the evening

and fun time calls.

Because Chiswick’s High Society

are having a ball!

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