This website features the eclectic poetry of Tony Inwood. The poems featured range from the humorous to the provocative and inspirational. Tony is the “Poet in Residence” on his local paper, The Chiswick Herald.

Here is a taster of what you can enjoy!

Just dig these crazy animals!

The Animal Barn Dance.

Bring on the music,

the animal band.

And watch all the animals

dancing around.

Here comes a dog

with a bone in his jaws.

Just watch that footwork

with his “Riverdance” paws.

Next there’s a cow

who waltzes around

with a very loud moo

as she covers the ground.

Now it’s the horse;

a hoofer supreme.

Have you ever witnessed

such a tap dance routine?

Then guess whose doing

the turkey trot.

As they strut their stuff

they enjoy it a lot.

Then on come the chickens;

clucking away

with an eight-some reel

oh what a display.

Then on trot some pigs

who triumphantly snort

with a rock n roll jive,

that is thankfully short.

Next up the goats

in their colourful coats

perform a flamenco

with a party of stoats.

And finally geese

do the tango and rumba.

Excitingly Latin,

it’s such a cool number.

So do come along

the next time they dance

You’d be foolish not to.

Please don’t miss the chance.

 There are lots of conspiracy theories flying around at the moment – here’s another rather more unusual one!

The Spider.

I am but a spider,​

a tiny little mite.

I may look very creepy

and I may give you a fright.

I hang around in cobwebs,

and always bide my time.

I wait for little creatures

I can easily entwine.

I love to feed on insects,

the bigger ones are best.

I gorge myself delightfully,

then have a little rest.

I also have a website

with millions of my friends.

We chat and scheme so happily

and start off many trends.

For innocent little spiders

are not quite what we seem.

For we have great big visions

and love to dream our dreams.

We really seek more power,

so we spin our little lies

to hoodwink lots of insects

especially the flies!

It’s such a tangled web we weave,

fake news and much deceit.

But we need to be so careful

and always are discreet.

So we run a little network

for we are all celebs.

Soon everyone will love us

for it’s called the world wide web!

Martin Luther King Junior

was assassinated 50 years ago.

This is my tribute to him.

Dr King.

Shot like a dog in 68’

killed by people

so full of hate.

Your non-violent code,

your Christian belief,

was such a hard road

and brought you such grief.

You stood for justice

the freedom to be

a fully-fledged member

of humanity.

The marches, the stand-offs.

the courage you showed.

The Cross that you bore;

such a back-breaking load.

The Nobel Peace Prize

you painfully earned

as the Ku-Klux Crosses

horrifically burned.

The dream that you dreamed

that all people should share

in an equal world

that was just and fair.

The appalling police action

shown on TV,

that woke up the world

to the black man’s plea.

Arrested and jailed,

you wrote that letter

and your views they prevailed

to make the world better.

Your speeches of power

inspired us all

to work hour by hour

and respond to your call.

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